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colddarkwater's Journal

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cold dark water.

Kathiii. frightened_eyes. eighteen. fangirl. tv whore. PS addict. family person. emotinal.
curious. open-minded. colorful. snow is her best mate. artistic. individualistic. lazy.

supernatural. grey's anatomy. lost. prison break. heroes. everwood. veronica mars.
studio 60. one tree hill. jared padalecki. jensen ackles. jeffrey dean morgan. paul adelstein.
kate walsh. katherine heigl. emilie de ravin. sophia bush. amy brenneman. michelle williams.

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adelstein/walsh, alexis bledel, amelie poulain, amy/ephram, ani difranco, art, bethany joy lenz, black and white, books, celebrities, celebrity gossip, celebs, claire/charlie, clark/chloe, clemence poesy, creativity, dark angel, dawson's creek, dean/sam, deb talan, desperate housewives, emilie de ravin, everwood, everything pretty, evi/dom, fandoms, fashion, fingerprints, firefly, fred & george, fußball, gilmore girls, gregory smith, grey's anatomy, haley/chris, harry potter, heath and michelle, hermione/ron, heroes, hilarie burton, icons, iheartcommunities, izzie stevens, izzie/denny, james lafferty, japan, jared padalecki, jason dohring, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, jensen/jared, jessica alba, joe flanigan, john sheppard, josh holloway, josh jackson, kate walsh, katherine heigl, kellerman/sara, kristen bell, lisa bonet, lord of the rings, lost, mac/dick, maggie gyllenhaal, magic, majandra delfino, marshall allman, matthew perry, max/alec, metallicar, michael rosenbaum, michael weasley smith, michael/maria, michelle williams, milo ventimiglia, movies, music, musicals, my soulsister, one tree hill, pacey witter, padackles, paul adelstein, peanuts, peter pan, peyton/nathan, photography, photoshop, phylicia rashad, piano, prison break, prue halliwell, quotes, rachel/joey, reese witherspoon, robert pattinson, ron weasley, rory/jess, rupert grint, ryan gosling, sam winchester, samaire armstrong, sawyer/kate, shane west, singing in the shower, sleeping, smallville, sophia bush, soundtracks, studio 60, supernatural, the 4400, the black donnellys, the metallicar, the tribe, tyler hilton, veronica mars, veronica/logan, wentworth miller, what about brian